Living in yesterday @InfiniTEE

Then I begin to wonder
Why do we keep living on yesterday
When looking up yonder
There is so much for us today
When there is a lot of work
That needs the concentration of our workforce

I know we learn from yesterday
But that should not get us stocked today
I think it should help us start up today
Nay! It shouldn’t cause us delay

Then I begin to wonder
Why do people hold on to the past
When vividly their progress is held back
Why do we keep on living on yesterday
When it posits a great danger to today
Maybe we forgot, after the night comes the day

I know there are lessons in the happenings
Of yesterday. But what will happen
If we learn our lessons and let go
Is that we’ll have a better tomorrow

So, while we learn from yesterday
We never should neglect today
For when our today is full of glory
We must work to avoid from tomorrow
Mischief and events that are gory
Then we’ll be sure of a good morrow!


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